For those of you that have ordered the following albums:

ALISTAIR TERRY – ‘Yonge at Heart’
LION – ‘Dangerous Attraction’

we apologize but shipping has been delayed due to massive winter storms in parts of Europe. As we manufacture our product in Portugal from where it has to be shipped to Germany and then an allotment is shipped to the United States this has caused a major setback in getting your order(s) out to you in a timely manner (Kai will be sending all current orders directly as soon as he gets product so as not to lose more time) . We take full responsibility for this, as we should have had the foresight to predict this as a possible obstruction in the delivery of these albums.

We were obviously a bit ambitious thinking we could deliver by Christmas.

The soonest we can see delivery is early January and to compensate you for your inconvenience we will be offering a $3.00 discount on a future 20th Century Music purchase. We will be sending a digital one time use only coupon with a unique code shortly.

No worries, you will receive the product(s) you ordered. If you have any questions please eMail us at

Thank you,
Dave Tedder / Kai Brockschmidt